Chap. 39: When there’s a new change, there’s a new life

So many things have happened. So many changes. So many new beginnings.

As I trip over my trial and error, I slowly become more and more courageous to really put my two feet into that doorway to a new life.

I want to be the change I want to see, yet I am far from doing that. I feel like I have been stuck in the same spot for so long. For too long.

Now I know what I need to do.

There is a scary over saturation of everything in today’s world. I cannot be a part of that anymore. I need to go straight to the core and fix it from inside out.

I realized how much more powerful it is to feel and learn from the experience itself, while contributing to it in real time.

I don’t want to become a business woman. I don’t want to get to a point where I need to sell products to earn a living. I don’t want to be at the mercy of other people’s attention.

I want to provide everyone with the resources at no cost that they deserved from the beginning. No one has the right to be deprived of great education, of wise and challenging leaders who know how to ask the right questions.

The human mind can only take so much before it gets overloaded.

Let’s return to simplicity. Let’s return to focused-living. Let’s stop doing so much.

As I begin to free myself from the chains of having to cater to so many things, I can finally climb fly past the clouds and float in the comfort of the universe.

I’m going to step into the education system in full-blown presence. No more hiding. No more cowering. No more delaying.

At the end of December, this blog site will be deleted permanently. I can no longer prosper from the online world anymore.

Let’s stop adding more to the plate. Let’s deal with the core issues first then let’s start talking innovation.

May your life be inspired by multiple colours of infinity, peace and courage. Fly high and be free. ❤

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