Chap. 38: What does it mean to dream clumsily?

To dream clumsily is to let your imagination flood out seamlessly in your everyday life.

As your thoughts carve out a beautiful rainbow bird brushing its feathers against your cheek, you find yourself smiling at the warmth so much that the people around you cannot help but return their own smile at you.

As you clothe yourself in an invisible cape, you suddenly feel free of all the labels laid upon you, no longer shy of the critical eye of others. You can only then strut your way down your path, emitting an empowering pheromone that captivates everything and everyone.

As you cover all your electronics with a blanket, you step out into the chilly embrace of the universe that absorbs you into its core and its genuine love. You feel so grounded you begin floating higher and higher to everywhere and nowhere.

As you sit with the silence of the music created by the very hands of your fellow human comrades, you forget all that has happened, that is happening, and that will happen.

As you witness the world in all its glory and its gory, you close your eyes and fall into an awakening slumber where everything is nothing.

You must exist with an out-of-this-world curiosity. You must not let your fear or despair stand in your way. You must breathe in the beauty of universe as you view it and breathe out the toxic restraints that narrow its definition. You must see it with your soul’s heart, hear it with your soul’s eyes, and speak to it with your soul’s welcoming hands.

The world needs more creative thinkers.

Never stop using your imagination to see the world for what it was, for what it is, and for what it could be.

May your day be decorated with sparks of wonder and courage to think…to love ❤


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