Chap. 34: How to be productive everyday

We only get 24 hours each day. But if you think about it, that is indeed a lot of time. It really depends on how you use it.

Organization is key.

Here are some simple habits to incorporate in your daily routine to bring you closer to seeing the realization of your dream or dreams:

1) Sleep early and wake up early

As you get older, this becomes a lot easier as your body gets more tired more quickly. However, when you’re still in your early twenties and afraid that sleeping earlier means missing out on social interactions, then this might come as more challenging.

Sleeping earlier then waking earlier gives you more time to do what you need to do that day. In fact, you will even have extra time to do other things, like learn a new skill or simply use the time to relax with meditative practices. It’s just a wonderful feeling to wake up to a sort of stillness before a storm when everyone’s still asleep, while you’re awake to witness the beauty of the early morning.

Depending on your sleeping needs, I personally love the routine of sleeping at 10pm and waking up at 6am. That way you will still get 8 hours of sleep and be up early to get your tasks completed before noon arrives! It really depends on how ambitious you are ;).

2) Get a good agenda/planner

The human brain can only hold up to 7 things at once. Even though that does sound like a lot, you will be pulling out your hair when you’re trying to cater to tasks that are more complex. This is where a good agenda or planner comes into play!

Whether you’re into a cute frilly planner or a simple black and white planner, always focus of its practicality. You want to look for ones that allow you to plan each hour, as well as each month. You need to be able to fill in the time frames for each task and be able to see the “greater picture” by having a monthly schedule visible at all times. When you glance at your calendar, you can remind yourself of all upcoming projects or deadlines you set for yourself and plan your day accordingly.

Once you have done something on your to-do list, you can check it off and that is extremely satisfying and motivating. Always keep in mind, though, to be realistic to an extent. Don’t put in blocks of back to back of work.  If you feel yourself constantly overburdened with things to do, then you’re going to soon burn yourself out and that’s harmful to your overall productivity. Remember to plan out time to doing mindfulness or listening to music activities to give yourself a well-deserved breather.

3) Cut out social media

The amount of time wasted on social media is crazy. It’s only when you start cutting out time spent of scrolling through Facebook feed or watching YouTube videos that do not contribute at all to your emotional, mental, spiritual or personal growth, then do you see how much extra time you actually have each day.

Vow to limit your time on social media. If you do go on them, choose sources of information that help you become a better version of yourself.

You will notice once you begin to stop living off these virtual platforms that you will also feel more confident about happier with yourself. This is because you will stop comparing yourself to others and you turn your focus inwards, which is how it’s supposed to be.

4) Remind yourself of your bigger purpose/cause/motivation

When taking small steps to a bigger dream, you have to constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing a certain thing. You need to constantly reflect and evaluate your situation. You need to always find lacking points and ways to improve on these.

It helps to write down your goals and tape them on your wall where you can see them everyday. If you can, use a whiteboard, so you can erase when you need to. This is bound to happen as dreams that get worked on tend to change in shape and form on a constant basis. Like this, you will soon narrow down a good purpose to be the base or motivation of your daily actions.


I guarantee when you add in these steps to your routine, you will see a huge jump in your productivity.

Never forget, though, that life is a journey. While it is quite powerful to imagine making your dream come true (as soon as possible), it is still important to have fun.

Be inquisitive. Love your life. Be great. ❤



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