Chap 33: How to live a fulfilling career life

We all want to do something we love and get paid for it. It’s really too bad we don’t live in a world where money isn’t important and we can do whatever we want without fear of our survival being put on the line.

Fortunately, there are ways to achieve your dreams, so that you can leave this world truly satisfied.

All it takes is courage and persistence.

If you ready to step into your vision, then let’s start delving into the tips:

1) Figure out what you want to do before you die

Bluntly speaking, you will die someday. It may seem like it won’t happen until you’re 80 or so, but there is no way to know for sure. If you let that sink in right into your soul, this step won’t be as daunting.

It all begins with taking the first move forward to doing this. Lie down on your bed and just casually think about what you imagine as your ideal life. You will get a general idea of what you want to have and need to be happy. As time passes, come back to this image. Instead of just drawing it out with your mind’s eye, find some time (around 5 minutes) to jot down some details to add on to that image you have composed. You will notice that what you write down can be quite different from what you thought of before. That is totally normal. As you reflect on something, you begin to understand it more and more, building new avenues of approaches and answers. In the next sessions (take as many you want), sit down again and spend more time narrowing down what specifically you want and need. Soon you will see that everything gets a lot clearer and you will start to take actions accordingly. Just remember that every minute used to form this vision is a success in and of itself, so always celebrate any amount of time you dedicate to this.

2) Start scavenging for resources

We all know the importance of being resourceful to succeeding in a project. There are always places to go to or websites to check out to help you get closer to your dream, or at least allow you to feel fulfilled. It seems scary to reach out to others, especially already established specialists in the field, but keep in mind that they’re humans too and they had to start somewhere as well. Expand your horizons and open up your options. The best and easiest place to do this is volunteering. Take part in whatever you want to get into or that relates to it and you will learn on the way.

As you participate in more activities, you will see that you will go back often to your vision and modify as needed. This is the beauty of this part of the process. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t turn out as you had expected. Everything is an experience and adventure, so have fun with it!

3) Know when to let go and walk away

The key to living a truly happy life is to never settle for anything less than what you want. One day may seem minuscule in the greater scheme of things, but as you get older, you will soon realize that it is actually the opposite. You only have the conscious experience of the present moment. Take that in for a second. Right now is what you feel. What you felt just a minute ago is now in the past. You’re inevitably moving towards your death, so know exactly when you’re feeling unhappy.

Knowing when to walk away takes a great understanding (and respect) of yourself, as well as a huge chunk of courage. When you know that you’re hitting against dead-ends in your quest for your vision, change your approach. I believe that if you envision it, you can most definitely make it happen. The hard part is recognizing when something isn’t working. This will save you unnecessary stress and frustration, giving you more energy and confidence to try something else.

This applies to walking away from jobs you dislike and relationships you’ve already exited (emotionally) from. I once left a job that I’d only been working for less than a week, because I realized that it wasn’t helping me in any way and I just couldn’t waste another second there. Own up to your actions and decisions. You don’t ever need to be ashamed of what you do for your happiness.


Once you got these three basic steps down, you will see that reaching your dream isn’t all that hard.

Have the courage to empower yourself and you will empower others not only in your community but also around the world.

Take it day by day. This means that you need to make sure that each day is treated as precious time that can be allocated to your vision.

Dare to believe. Dare to love. Dare to strive.

May your life be filled with endless unicorn love and greatness! ❤

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