Chap. 31: Are we scared of innovation?

It is well known that humans are not fans of change. Whether it is change of relationship status, change of job or change of habits, we are very averse to trying something new.

When we are getting outside our comfort zone, we go through the three major steps to acceptance: denial, death, and rebirth. At first, it is extremely uncomfortable as we are forced to see everything differently, but we will do anything to numb the pain. Then the discomfort becomes an intersection of deep fear and peace, a place of open vulnerability likened to a fresh made wound. And finally, the storm of emotions settle down and a bright shy sunlight shines through and paves the path to a new you.

As I examine the state of the people nowadays who tend to complain all the time about their hatred for their job or their insatiable boredom, I’ve begun to understand at a more profound level our system and how we started to normalize this kind of behaviour and lifestyle.

We have an education system that destroys the creativity of our people at a young age. It conditions people to think that it’s something that only children can and should cater to. Anyone else outside that age group will be condemned as being “immature.”

However, when adults create something innovative, people cannot resist to praise them for their courage and their ingenuity. It’s almost as if people watch from afar wishing they could just do something fun and creative. They know their potential to do something great, yet hold back thinking it’s for the best of society.

Indeed, people are afraid to rock the boat.

Perhaps the upper authorities know deep down the infinite potential of the people, but have constructed a system in which only the selected (read: brave) few can undermine it. They call them the revolutionaries, the visionaries, the ones who make world history.

This can be tied down to the fear of uncontrollability. The infrastructure of our system is so fragile that one out-of-the-norm thinker can leave huge long-lasting and resonating ripples. No matter how much one denies this: we cannot control everything because the world does not function in this way. It values creativity, innovation and change.

So are we afraid of innovation? Perhaps. Perhaps we are scared of how it can change our lives for the worse or for the better. We make it so hard for people to get out the norm. We exile them to non-conformity, even though we see within them ourselves. Perhaps we truly are afraid of succeeding and making a difference in the world.

Holding back from letting your inner greatness shine through will eventually lead to negative consequences. Especially in our era with our nuclear war on the tipping point, our natural environment receding to extinction, and our depression levels on the high, we are in desperate need for innovative thinkers.

We have to take every effort to give those who think differently to not see what they’re doing as a huge feat. Instead, we need to treat it as a normal part of life. When we take away the whole heroic bravery aspect to being creative, we save the people the fear of failing and of doing something they shouldn’t be doing. We spare them the unnecessary number of existential crises.

We exist to be amazing. We exist to explore the wonders of the world that is not to say to conquer it.

It’s time to de-stigmatize this fear of innovation and embrace its beauty. When we empower ourselves, we empower others. Ultimately we will form a team of humble curious leaders dedicated to preventing as much as possible all world catastrophes.

May you smile and listen attentively (while not overly eager to praise the other’s courage) when someone is confiding in you an idea of theirs.

May your life be filled with endless unicorn love and greatness! ❤




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