Chap. 30: Your identity is malleable

I’ve always thought that who I was at that moment was all there was to me.

I never believed that I could change if I wanted to.

But I was wrong. It was up to me to choose to accept the change or not.

For a long time, my favourite words were “I can’t.” I can’t dance beautifully. I can’t sing out loud. I can’t drive. I can’t engage an audience to listen to me. I can’t have good friends. I can’t attract an amazing caring lover.

It was the moment when I told myself that I couldn’t do something that I asked myself, “is that really true?”

I realized that every single time it wasn’t true. I was capable of dancing beautifully. I just needed to believe in myself since I always danced solo at home without holding back. I was capable of singing out loud. I just needed to stop being self-conscious of my voice. I was capable of driving. I just needed to practice. I was capable of engaging an audience to listen to me. I just needed to raise my voice and lock eye contact, knowing full well that I was worthy enough to receive attention. I was capable of having good friends. I just needed to stop thinking that I wasn’t fun to be around. I was capable of attracting an amazing caring lover. I just needed to go out, laugh, have fun and speak my mind.

It was simply a question of reflecting upon what I was feeding myself in terms of my worth.

I realized that I just needed to get outside my comfort zone. I used to find myself easily falling into a stagnant state of immobility when I stopped myself from doing what I wanted to do just because I was scared of embarrassing myself.

I had built this identity that I was this shy, quiet and incapable girl. I believed wholeheartedly that I wasn’t able to become that outgoing, quirky and capable girl.

Until the moment I said no. No, I’m wrong. No, I am that girl. Perhaps in progress but I am becoming that girl as long as I keep striving to push my limits. 

The false limiting thoughts we allow to run through our minds are extremely powerful at digging us into a rut. However, you always have the ability to get out and grow to become that person you’ve always wanted to be. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Realize that your identity is malleable. Whether you deny the change or not on a conscious level, you are always changing.

When you don’t embrace the change, you will stifle your potential to explore all facets of your infinite beauty and capabilities.

So avoid using terms that place you in strict categories and free yourself for good.

Fly, believe, and grow.

May your life be filled with endless unicorn love and greatness! ❤



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