Chap. 27: Hemp seed oil for beautiful soft and clear skin!

Since 2014, my skincare routine has composed of nothing but hemp seed oil. It is both my cleanser and moisturizer. It is indeed my holy grail item that I cannot live without!

I had dealt with acne for many years before trying this oil. I had tried all the over the counter acne battling products to no avail. Even when I switched to a complete natural skincare system by mixing certain ingredients, such as rose germanium distilled water, camomile mist, tea tree oil, and grape-seed oil, to make a variation of moisturizers and toners, my face was reacting horrendously.

It was truly a frustrating experience as I thought that I was born with a skin allergy to everything. I felt like a chemist who despite following all the correct steps kept failing to make the right concoction to create that beautiful light pink puff of magic.

It was also very stressful since I had to keep restocking often to make my moisturizer, cleanser, and toner (that weren’t that effective).

I knew that it was time to go back to the basics.

It was then that I found out about using hemp seed oil as a double kill weapon. The special feature of this oil compared to other oils (i.e. jojoba oil and olive oil) is that it is non-comedogenic, which means it cannot clog your skin. It also has higher levels of linoleic acid than oleic acid. When the skin is deficient in linoleic acid, the sebum production doesn’t work as efficiently and in turn, leads to break outs. In other words, linoleic acid acts as a lubricant for your skin, keeping it from drying up too much.

To make sure the sebum production is not being “held up,” you can apply hemp seed oil directly onto the face.

Here’s how you can easily switch to a new skincare routine for fool-proof and beautiful results:

  1. Rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores (deeper cleansing).
  2. Pour or squeeze around a toonie size amount of cold-pressed hemp seed oil.
  3. Rub the product into both hands and start massaging it in circular motions (you can vary the directions) on your face.
  4. Rinse off the oil with warm water then finish it off with cool water to close the pores (important!).
  5. Take a towel to rub off excess product from the eyes.
  6. Fan your face with the towel until it dries off or you can just air dry it.

Instead of rubbing off or washing off all the excess hemp seed oil from your face, you should leave it as it is and let it get absorbed naturally (takes around 5 minutes). Since this is the way to use hemp seed oil as a cleanser AND moisturizer. You don’t need to put anything else on your face. It’s now equipped with the necessary tools to be soft, clean and gorgeous!

This is a barely two step routine that is super inexpensive ($10 per bottle that lasts up to 4 months) and that works wonders.

Given that the oil is a darkish green colour, it can not only protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun (that is not to say that you should put away your sunscreen), but also blur out any discolouration or reduce the redness of blemishes on your face. In fact, this oil helped reduce the inflammation of the mosquito bites I got on my face. Hurrah, that is what I call a win-win situation!

One small caveat: this oil needs to be refrigerated in order to not go rancid. That’s ok. Just treat it like your precious baby 😉

There you have it, my darlings! If you are still in the search for that amazing nourishing all natural skincare product, I highly recommend trying this out. It may well change your life forever.

May endless rainbows of magical unicorn love and greatness fill your day! ❤




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