Chap. 26: Less is more

As I enter the third week of being in a new city, I’ve come to really understand the saying, “less is more.”

Back when I was in Toronto, I pretty much had everything at my disposal: clothing, shops, food…

I never had to worry about being low in supply of anything because I could easily walk outside and walk to a store or bus to downtown in 15 minutes.

I was constantly surrounded by the conception of availability of everything.

Now that I’m living in the suburbs with nothing around but one small convenience store and a post office, I face for the first time the reality of my situation.

Whatever is in my closet is all I really have to choose from (unless I trek to downtown, which is an hour away by a bus that comes infrequently). Whatever is in my fridge and pantry is all I will have for the next week or two until I go grocery shopping again. Whoever is within my vicinity is all I have for social contact.

From a materialistic standpoint, I look like I’m torturing myself. It’s as if I’m “depriving” myself of all that’s available to me.

Yet, that is not the case.

At first, I felt in shock since I wasn’t used to having a limited supply at my feet. As the days pass though, I’ve learned to be more grateful for what I have. I actually feel happier now than I did before.

It’s the feeling of opening your closet and being able to see and know what you have in there. It makes choosing an outfit that much easier.

When I prepare my meals now, I’m more attentive to how much of the ingredients I’m using and I spend more time savouring each bite.

With the stores being so far away, I’ve lost the impulsive desire to buy things I don’t need.

I’m starting to see the beauty of the minimalistic lifestyle.

On the social level, as much as I feel disoriented starting all over again with building a friends network, I now see the great value of putting in effort to maintain a relationship. In the past, I easily stopped trying to work on a social relation because I knew there were plenty of people to be friends with. However, now that I’m surrounded by mainly three people: my roommates and my boyfriend, I cannot just brush them off because I know the moment I cease to cater to our relationship, it will fall apart. After all, relationships, whether they are romantic or not, are a two-way street.

If you have spent your whole life having a lot of things and people around you, I dare you to try this type of lifestyle. Even if it’s just for a week, you will see that you won’t be the same person after that. You will feel more gratitude, happiness and peace.

The human mind was not meant to be distracted and occupied for so long without having consequences. Steer yourself away from trying to obtain large quantities of anything. You can then prevent the numbing of your spirit and see everything for what it is. You will free yourself from the constant pull to keep things the way they are.

With that, I leave with you my sincere best of luck with exploring the new world of minimalism.

May your life be filled with endless magical unicorn love and greatness! ❤

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