Chap. 25: The most important lesson I learned after going through bad acne

Having been acne-prone for, well, most of my teen years until my early twenties, I’ve come to realize something really important:

Your body is your sacred temple and you need to do everything possible to take care of it.

For many (too many, in fact) years, I blamed my body for being “weaker” than others. I would look at the people around me who didn’t have any apparent skin disorder and ask the world, “why does my body have to be the one that gets inflammation so easily? Why am I the one having to deal with acne?”

During that time period, I became obsessed with different eating habits. I read a ton of articles and books on what to eat and what not to eat, to get rid of acne. I would limit the consumption of certain foods to reach my goal.

Unfortunately, following these advices didn’t really help. To make matters worse, I was depressed because not only was I feeling extremely unconfident in myself, but also I was eating unhealthily by limiting my diet so much that I lacked essential nutrients.

It took me awhile to figure out that I needed to stop controlling so much, especially on the outside. As a matter of fact, it was when I started letting go of pushing for perfection that I began healing from inside out.

I remember watching a video on figuring out the causes of acne and one of them was a problem that needed to be taken care of within the soul. As I looked into myself, I discovered that there was a trauma that got left unresolved. Due to this, for a long time, the peace in my body was disrupted. I was in constant stress and this inevitably led to inflammation.

I began healing myself emotionally and mentally. It took a chunk of time before I could look myself in the mirror and say to myself that I was indeed so beautiful. I continuously (until this day) cultivated love and inner peace by being kind to myself.

I now choose to eat foods that are clean and natural because I know that in the long-term, my body will thank me. From time to time, I will indulge in a chocolate bar or ice cream, but I will never make it into a habit of mine. However, I always make it so that the food I’m eating is delicious.

Today, I can see my acne as a blessing rather than a curse. It has taught me to develop a healthy and gentle relationship with my body. I believe that if I never had that experience, I would have never learned to be aware of my health and my happiness.

I see a lot of people consume great quantities of unhealthy foods (e.g. artificial sugars, salt) and I cannot imagine how that can have negative consequences on their health in the future. While it’s ok to have one guilty pleasure now and then, it’s definitely worth reflecting upon when it becomes more of a habit.

Your body is really all you have and will ever have. You don’t truly own anything else in the world except your body. It is what you are born in and it will be what you will die in. During the time you are blessed with a life on Earth, you should treat it with the utmost respect and love. It is your temple to you. Don’t let it get burned up into flames because of your bad eating habits.

May you shower endless love, affection and peace to your precious body that is your only  vehicle of your consciousness and of your aliveness ❤

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