Chap. 23: Natural remedies to ease sinus pain

Having been through a cold for two weeks now and suffering from terribly inflamed sinuses, I have tried a ton of remedies to help ease the pain.

Some worked and some didn’t. This makes it all the more important to listen to your body and figure out what is effective and what isn’t.

While keeping that in mind, I would like to share my experience with you and maybe it can spark some relief in your life as well 🙂

1) Ginger lemon honey tea

All over the web, people are raving about how helpful this tea is. Even if you’re not sick, having this drink can be so rejuvenating in both the physical and spiritual sense.

When your sinuses are swollen, it’s hard to smell anything, which really takes away the enjoyment of…well, anything really. Eating your favourite dish or taking in that oh so fresh air is not the same without your nose senses running smoothly.

By boiling a couple of slices of ginger in hot water, you bring out the delicious pungent smell that really helps you feel alive again. Plus, ginger has medicinal properties to ease any sinus pain you have, as well as keep the nausea at bay. A win-win situation, I’ll say! Adding lemon and honey to the tea provides you a whole set of amazing antioxidants and antibacterial benefits that are just so good for your body.

It’s so simple to do as well. All you need to do is heat up the ginger slices in a boiling pot for around 10 minutes (longer if you want more of the kick), pour into a nice tea cup, and add lemon and honey to your liking. ❤

2) Yoga

When you can hardly breathe, the last thing you would want to do is yoga, since it’s a physical activity based on the whole act of breathing.

However, what I found useful was to choose a practice that was slow and easy.

My favourite is “Yogatx,” who you can find on YouTube. If you look up “yogatx relax,” you will find a session with Cole Chance that is extremely relieving.

You could honestly feel your sinus inflammation clearing up! It’s an incredible experience. Just remember to breathe slowly and take your time ❤

3) Sitting in nature under the warm beaming sun 

If you have a backyard or a place where you can just sit, eyes closed, in the nature without being disturbed, then I would advise you with all my heart to take advantage of it.

When we’re caught by the cold bug, our bodies are in constant stress as it tries to get rid of whatever is causing us pain.

This is why we need to find the time to relax (like really relax) and allow ourselves to fully recover.

The nature is blessed with this healing ability that just makes anyone feel at home. Being in an environment where you can listen to the natural harmony of the living world, you will feel at one and forget about stressing over how you’re so sick and wishing you can just get over it already.

Sometimes we forget that our bodies are spectacular and miraculous systems that are doing everything they can to keep us alive and free of pain.

By realizing your infinite capability to get stronger and stronger, your mind will instantly shift and you will notice that you feel better soon after.

Believe in your body to heal and get better ❤


Hopefully you find these natural remedies helpful and effective! They’re inexpensive and really cater to who you are: a human being.

May your day be filled with love and greatness! x


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