Chap. 21: It’s those little things…

Life is so stressful sometimes. We spend so much time thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. We worry to no end, making ourselves sick with no medicine to solve the problem. We wonder to ourselves constantly when will we ever get a break.

As I enter the so-called “adult world,” having officially graduated from my Masters program not too long time ago, I am relentlessly bombarded by warnings and comments about how life will never be as good again.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who received this ritual as we all transition from “being a child” to “being an adult.” It’s almost as if we make sure each and one of us lose our ability to dream, to be creative, and to take risks, claiming it doesn’t pay the bills.

When you do something out of the norm, plenty of people are willing to step up and tell you what you’re doing is wrong, that what you’re doing will lead you to unhappiness. A lot of people love to play God and assume they know your future. They claim to protect you, but actually they feel jealous of your courage to do something they are afraid to do. The funny thing is when you succeed and prosper, they turn to others and tell others your story, all proud and mighty as if it was their own story they are telling.

It’s safe to say that as you walk towards your big wanderlust dream, you won’t gain a fan group right off the bat. It may take months. Maybe years. Maybe even never. But that’s ok. It’s ok because it’s your life, not theirs. It’s going to be a tough journey and in face of all the throbbing stressors out there to throw you off pace, there are still those little things to be happy and grateful for.  

For me, it’s being able to walk to the backyard and smell the refreshing organic scent of the plants, feel the soft caressing bed of green grass, and hear the singing voices of the birds as they fly around me. It’s being able to wake up and have the ability to sing (albeit terribly) out loud. My favourites to sing are Disney songs, particularly “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, because they are just so motivating and full of that inner child happiness. It’s being able to catch a whiff of something, anything actually, since my sinuses have been inflamed for awhile now that I forgot what it feels like to smell. The small things that make life enjoyable are the things you should never take for granted.

There’s an infinite amount of things to enjoy around you. Look around and feel. Open yourself to the beauty splayed before you.

You are doing life-changing work. Remember to just take a break to let yourself unwind 🙂




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