Chap. 17: Ignorance is not an option

I know that everyone (including me) isn’t passionate about every subject out there. For this reason, it’s very easy to just simply be ignorant of certain issues and factors that affect our world today.

But this can have catastrophic consequences on our future and we cannot ignore that possibility.

Rather than taking a fear of the arrival of the apocalypse approach like a lot people do as a way to mobilize action, I prefer to stay simple in contributing to change for the better.

I want people to become aware that there is indeed a hidden epidemic (conscious or unconscious) of anxiety and despair underneath all the things we do every single day. It’s the result of the failing of our system, which promotes more and more specialization and isolation of individuals. Like John Ralston Saul states, the system in which we live in is composed of numerous (and unnecessary) dialects that separate one field from another, thus preventing the formation of a language that a community can (and should have the right to) use to discuss problems and solutions. As a result, most individuals end up taking a submissive role and following the words and so-called wisdom of the “experts.”

By doing this, the majority of the population have surrendered their voice and no longer feel they are part of a community anymore. This is shown in the growing sense of purposelessness that seems to have spread across nations like a plague. The scary part is that these victims believe it’s their fault when in reality, it’s their body’s healthy response to an environment that doesn’t work for them and definitely doesn’t make them happy unlike the illusion claims it says to do.

I want everyone out there to know that there is indeed more out there.

To get there, we need to actually build (or at least work towards) a true democratic society where civilians take part in small and especially big decisions. We need to stop being afraid of the other field’s dialect; we cannot be turned off by their scary technical terms, but instead break through this wall and see the problem for what it is. We need to take into account all factors when evaluating a question, particularly when it involves the health of the people (e.g. choosing the perfect classroom/office environment for workers). We need to start raising the standards for everyone, no matter the age, and not settle so easily “just because people are choosing to live adequate, but depressing lives.” 

When we choose to ignore one aspect of a question, we are undermining the importance of that aspect. It’s important to realize that there is no one single solution for everything. The human body and mind is a complex structure, so how is it possible to believe that a simplified solution is even effective? That is basically ignoring who we are at the core: human beings.

So I encourage you all to read and learn more. Interact with people in other fields and have the courage to challenge them. Ask them questions, even if they seem “too simple” to ask.

We need to rebuild these bridges that have been torn down a long time ago. Rather than focusing on the future so much and hoping for that one amazing technology to save humanity, why not just take action NOW?

I am certain that once you start to take a step forward for the health of your community, you will begin to see a difference in your mental health. You will begin to feel empowered and a familiar ecstatic energy. It’s called being alive.

Let us join hands and listen to what we all have to say about everything. Let us make mistakes and be creative again.

Let us stop the process towards becoming mindless robots.

Because we deserve more.

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