Chap. 15: Breathe…and laugh a lot

This month has been one of the hardest for me.

It was my last semester for my Master’s program and my professor wasn’t as organized (read: cooperative) as I wanted him to be. Every morning for the first two weeks I was welcomed with a migraine that wouldn’t go away even with aspirin. I started to do job hunting without yielding any tangent results. To say the least, I was just plain frustrated, tired and like the young people say these days, done.

Now that April is (finally) nearing its end, I can look back and recount the wisdom I have gained from this challenging period.

First, I learned to breathe. To many people, breathing seems to come as something given, something you don’t pay attention to. Though this is exactly why so many people take it for granted. Me included.

During this month, I kept telling myself all I needed to do was get through this as quickly as possible. I completely forgot to listen to my body. I was putting so much stress on myself that I inflicted migraines on myself. My vision didn’t stray from the future. It disregarded the present moment, both the pains and the joys.

When the aspirin didn’t do wonders to my heart-wrenching headaches, I had an epiphany: I didn’t need pills…I needed self-love and care (no hippie jargon here).

I was surprised because as a mindfulness and meditation fanatic, I couldn’t believe I let it pass right over my head!

I practiced conscious breathing exercises, making sure I stayed in the moment I was blessed with. Like a miracle, my migraines disappeared!

Take home message: the next time when you feel like the whole world is collapsing on you, put your hands together like Buddha does, close your eyes, and come to terms that the most important thing at the moment is how each cell of your palms are feeling shocks of sensation and excitement of living for the first time.

Second, I learned to laugh. A lot. Everyone knows that when you are feeling sad or frustrated, you can trick your brain to think it’s actually happy and stress-free. Well, it’s easier said than done especially when the only thing your mind wants (thinks it needs) to do is worry until the problem somehow vanishes into thin air.

Too bad the world doesn’t work that way. Sometimes solutions never appear and stress is a constant variable in someone’s life.

During this time of trying to juggle my studies and my expectations to find a job as soon as possible, I learned to sit back, look at the situation and laugh hysterically. Yes, I felt crazy, but then again, everything is basically just as crazy and simply absurd.

I would say the most depressing thing to people and laugh, realizing that I felt a 100 times better afterwards.

Laughing is so amazing, way better (and healthier) than getting drunk all the time.

Take home message: make great use of this free tool to unhook yourself from all of the unnecessary life bullshit and learn to laugh at the absurdity of the things that surround us.

Let’s all remember that we’re human, born free creatures with a simple desire to be happy.

May we live up to that inherent trait. I raise my glass (of water of course) to that.

Cheers! 🙂

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