Chap. 14: The boob culture

Ah, boobs.

They come in all different sizes: big, small, medium. And shapes as well: perky, plump, saggy, round…

They change depending on women’s menstrual cycle, diet, birth control pill intake, and genetic makeup.

They are what women are born with, making up a part of their identity and their unique beauty.

And yet, most of the women today have a bad (read: hateful) relationship with their breasts.

Though, that should not come as a surprise. In today’s culture, we have placed so much importance on the size and shape of breasts that we’re pushing women to the edge of self-destruction. For women with large breasts, they are constantly portrayed and denigrated as sluts and sexual objects. While for women with small breasts, they are seen as less sexy and less of a woman. Either side of spectrum, whether they are more on the smaller end or in the middle or on the larger end, they are deeply confused about what their breasts are meant to look like.

However, this is a problem that is perpetuated by both men and women. On the one hand, men crack sexual jokes about women with large breasts and prize them as being “worth the fuck.” It  almost makes these women as nothing more than the fatty tissues that make up their chest. A lot of women in this situation find it hard to feel secure in the idea that a man is not just with them for their breast size. On the other hand, women send out hateful comments to other women who have a larger chest than they do. They call them a slut and a threat. They truly believe that these women are walking sexual objects who are arrogant and who have everything a man really wants in a woman.

We all know that not all men are attracted to “more endowed” women. In fact, a lot of them like small breasts or just don’t really care about their size.

Despite this, we cannot deny that the culture isn’t there. We cannot deny that many women struggle each day to love their breasts the way they are.  

We can easily go and put the blame on pornography, which does indeed play a role in the development of this culture. However, we cannot destroy a multi-million dollar industry. What we can do though is to stop going along with the sexual jokes associated with breasts. We don’t have to cheer a man on when he shows a picture of a woman and puts the emphasis on her big breasts, instead of her personality and intelligence. We don’t have to continue slut-shaming a woman for what she is wearing in comparaison to her body shape. We don’t have to (and shouldn’t) deny the struggles of a woman with big breasts who we think have so many privileges that there is no reason to complain. 

No one in the world wants to be reduced to nothing but their body. We are given this body and we shouldn’t feel guilty for having it. We are all unique individuals and we deserve to be given the chance to show our uniqueness through our personality and actions.

Let’s start a new culture where we can give a woman, no matter her breast size, the empowerment to shine through without fear of being torn down for her body shape.

Let us build a community of love, curiosity, acceptance and respect. There is no better time than now.



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