Chap. 6: Caress your fear and anxiety

When talking about one’s fear or anxiety, one always gets told to “just get over it.”

This only stigmatizes the subject and portrays it as something that is abnormal and to be overcome.

To me, I think this forges a bad relationship between oneself and their fear and anxiety.

Sure, we can all agree that fear and and anxiety are not pleasant terms (from a semantic standpoint). In fact, as I write this and read through the words, I’m getting a little itch of discomfort!

As unpleasant as they are, they are there for a reason. They tell us something about ourselves. They tell us when we don’t like something.

It’s uncomfortable to feel, well uncomfortable. I know that feeling because as a human being, I also had to deal with it at one point in time.

In the past, I used to just brush it off. However, it would keep coming back and in worse forms. I tried to “overcome” it, constantly reminding myself to attack it and show who the stronger one was. From a motivational perspective, it did work. Though only temporarily.

I had to take a different approach since the fear and anxiety business was getting a little out of hand.

This time, I sat there with them. Yes, I just sat there and caressed (metaphorically speaking) them, imagining them as little cute monster figures that calmed down under my touch.

Soon there was only silence and peace.

Fear and anxiety are like children who wants your attention and wants to protect you from harm. They are a defence mechanism, your gateway keepers.

Take the time to hold them in your arms and listen. Then comfort them after self-reflection and you will realize that they aren’t loud and rowdy anymore. They feel better and so do you. You have not only just built a healthy relationship with your fear and anxiety, but you have also just gained some new insight about yourself.

Be more caring and gentle to yourself. You will surely reap the benefits. Just wait and see.


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