Chap. 3: To face reality or to not face

We all had those moments.

Those moments where we had to really decide if we wanted to face reality or not.

For me, I’ve always been plagued with this question.

Ever since I’ve been exposed to 18th and 19th century existentialism and philosophy, and meditation, I’ve grown to be slightly afraid of feeling reality.

When I pull myself out of the distractions that nag at us constantly, I suddenly feel raw and vulnerable.

For the first time, I see reality for what it is: an absurd universe of purely nothing and everything at the same time.

I feel as if I’m floating and paradoxically, anchored in this world whose arms extend far into infinity.

I start to see what it really means to live and to be in the moment. I begin to laugh. All my worries start to fade because the basis for them are absolutely absurd. I wonder to myself, wow why am I worrying about if I will miss my bus? Or if I will have a bigger house than my cousin? Or if someone is pregnant?

My views on relationships start to loosen as well. I no longer feel this anxiety that often possesses me when I try to control everything and make it into a fairytale for the sake of likes on social media.

I start to feel what it was like to be a child again. No cluttering in the mind of useless thoughts. Just ideas. Just creativity. Just being in nature and feeling the texture of butterfly wings and rocks.

Reality doesn’t scare me anymore. Facing it has liberated me in ways unimaginable.

If you are attempting to face reality, take a deep breath, grab a warm apple cinnamon tea, sit by a window and contemplate. It is going to a vulnerable moment for you, but you will be free from all that is unnecessary and finally live like a child again.

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