Guess I should welcome you first…


First off, I want you all to know I am probably one of the most awkward girls you will ever meet.

It’s funny though because there will be times where I can be so social you would think “wait what, awkward? You? Nah no way!” I’m just very good at faking-oh I mean adapting to the situation.

Second off, I am a terrible cook, hence the imaginary cookies and cheesecake. This means you will not be seeing any recipes here (sorry). Maybe in the future, if I become a mother or live on my own.

Third off, I am a hardcore nerd in all sense possible: reading books on all topics (except statistics and economics because who actually enjoys reading about them), going crazy about superheroes (especially Batman), spending my free time watching documentaries (learning is caring right?), and having trouble making small talk especially in a “young, hip” English lingo that is changing so fast, I can hardly (or careless to) keep up.

Last off, I am a rebel, since the day I was born. Well actually since the day I woke up and realized that I am Asian and I really did not want to do a career in accounting/law/medicine.

Now here I am writing to strangers (potential friends hopefully someday). Man aren’t my parents proud of me! (*cue nervous laughter in the background*)

There you have it, my welcome message (a.k.a. first post EVAR). Let the weirdness begin!


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